September 11, 2001-Never Forget

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The Bremen Indiana Homepage began in 1997 and evolved into bremenonline three years later. It has undergone several face-lifts including the latest in November 2001. Several people have contributed to bremenonline over the years and I would like to acknowledge them for their efforts.

Roland Houin the president of Fourway Computer Products the first local ISP to come to Bremen. Over the last few years he has help me learn about the web and how it works.

Larry Dump who has contributed the majority of digital photos that appear on bremenonline. He has a film to video transfer business here in Bremen.

Phyliss Van De Keere who works for the Town of Bremen. She has helped me obtain a large amount of the information about Bremen.

The late J.B. Miller who kept me on my toes with his weekly emails on various subjects including the latest technical innovations. He also had a critical eye and helped me with suggestions for bremenonline.

Bob Clark of TMT/Radio Shack who has steered web design business my way, helped me with computer related issues and is a weekly contributer to bremenoline with his Ask Bob/Computer Corner column.

Linda Mullen Clevenger who wrote an article about bremenonline back in '97 for the South Bend Tribune.

Holly Heller Managing Editor of the Bremen Enquirer who over the years has mentioned bremenonline in the paper several times and allowed me to use information, columns and articles on bremenonline.

Amy Wenger who allowed me to reproduce online her series from the Bremen Enquirer, Bremen Through The Decades and A Look at . . . Local Landmarks. These articles vividly capture the rich history of Bremen.

And a special thanks to the following Bremen businesses for using for their wed design needs: